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L2 Lineage 2 Path to an Elven Ranger

Races: Elf
Classes: Elven_fighter
Level: 19
Repeatable: No
Location: Gludio
Quest Giver: Master Reisa
Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to an Elven Ranger. In order to become an Elven Ranger, Master Reisa tells you to prove your skills by finding Guard Moretti's lost friend.
1. Talk to Master Reoria in the Elven trainer building in Gludio. She will give you Reoria's Letter2.
2. Talk to Guard Moretti at the east gates of Gludio. He will take the letter.
3. Goto the Abandoned Camp and hunt Ol Mahum Patrols (lvl 21 passive) until you have Prigun's Tear Letter1, 2, 3, and 4. They are STRONG archers - 150hp crits in top non-grade armor, so bring a friend, 2 friends would be better, and soulshots and potions. The camp is on the map, but is west out of Gludio along the path until the fork in the road (not the right turn) - take the left fork.
4. Return the letters to Guard Moretti. He will take all the letters and give you Moretti's Herb and Moretti's Letter.
5. Talk to Prigun, he is just north of where the road to the Elf lands, Dark Elf lands, and Gludio meet, in the ruins (/loc -9k, 73k).
6. Kill the Ol Mahum Sentries (lvl 17 passive) that are holding him captive to get the Rusted Key.
7. Free Prigun. He will take the herb and letter, and give you Prigun's Letter.
8. Take the letter back to Guard Moretti in Gludio. He will give you Honorary Guard.
9. Talk to Master Reoria, she will take the guard and give you Reoria's Recommendation.
10 Talk to Grandmaster Rains as soon as you are level 20 to become an Elven Scout.

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