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L2 Lineage 2 Mithril Alloy

Mithril Alloy
Weight: 2
Value: 13,100 Adena
Type of Material: Liquid

Stackable: Yes

Description: A material used to make dwarven items. Can be sold in the shop.


Mithril Alloy, Level 4, Quantity 1, Rate 100%, MP 40, NPC Fee 2,620 Adena
  Varnish of Purity 1 Varnish of Purity Level 2
    Stone of Purity 1 Stone of Purity
    Coarse Bone Powder 3 Coarse Bone Powder Level 1
      Animal Bone 10 Animal Bone (30 total)
    Varnish 3 Varnish
  Mithril Ore 1 Mithril Ore
  Steel 2 Steel Level 1
    Varnish 5 Varnish (10 total)
    Iron Ore 5 Iron Ore (10 total)
Ingredient In:

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